Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You Facebook

Different from my usual flame against facebook, I'd like to stop today and thank its existence. The fact you can contact people there without needing to know any cyber-detail about them besides their real name is nothing short but ingenious, to the extent of prooving to be life saving.

Kudos to the Facebook creators for that novel idea!


Darwin Survivor said...

Like a phonebook?

dlmarti said...

Should we thank them for taking it a step too far and linking this social phenomenon with all the stupid games and spam too?

Ethan Anderson said...

In an alternate universe, Wikipedia and Facebook would assuredly have direct equivalents.

I still want a ~/People folder with .person files containing contact info where I can just right click and select 'call' to call them.. and drag and drop them onto flash drives and so on..

Ralesk said...

Novel idea it wasn’t — Facebook isn’t anywhere close to being the first social networking site. If anything, it opened in 2004, and by then, we already had Hi5, Friendster, and even the Hungarian (i)WiW which started back in 2002.