Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visualizing Implanted Tumors in Mice with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Magnetotactic Bacteria

Me and my brother were contemplating about the possible imaging application of magnetotactic bateria. We decided to keep in a bit of a secret until he can submit his undergrad project proposal for resarch. However, quite accidently I have discovered that the idea and experiment design has already been suggested and supposedly someone is already working on this.

This is quite interesting, as this holds potential for accurate and absolute modeling and tracking of tumors whilst inducing minial to no damage to the patient and virutally no side-effetcs.

Read all about it here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ChipPC Super Lite Linux based OS

Now that it's finally out, I'm proud to say that I had the pleasure to work with Alex Fradkin, Mark Lifshitz,Andrey Baranovsky , Nicolai and Andrey "The Big" our highly esteemed R&D manager.

The fruit of our labor is ThinX , a very low resource consuming Linux based OS that allows for the production of super lite computing units. The units are tightly secured and are excellent for usage as a thin client. Python was instrumental in its creation.

It was a pleasure working with you guys, I hope to be working with you sometime soon again on either projects that we may encounter.

I urge anybody who have needs for such hardware to contact sales and place your order. There's even an evaluation plan. Just don't forget to mention Sivan Greenberg recommended it to you through his blog! :-)

To see the line of products go to ChipPC's website and whet your appetite.

Now that ChipPC has atom based units, I wonder how fun it would be to have Ubuntu installed as the OS :-) Food for thought!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Budapest, Here I Come!

It appears that I'm going to !! Will be great to meet all the community there that I've known so far just through IRC. Do some Singing & Dancing hacking and see where taxonomy in plone is headed to. I also hope to learn new tricks and tips, and see how Deliverance is used.

Thank you great grant committee. You made my day!