Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anything you can do we can do better, iPhone.

Something sweet to see for all game lovers around.
Without further due, I'll just link you to the video .
and here is the howto.

Those of us who can, do enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HP Support Phone Line In Israel (nation wide support) BUSY?!?!?

How can it be that a 1-700 line of HP representative in Israel is BUSY?!

Is it so expansive to have a couple of telephone representative to take the calls?

Dear HP, please snap out of it. Israel is a big consumer of your products. Can you please NOT suck badly like an Israeli company?

If there is a franchised lab that is providing the services, and it is not functioning up to standards, let me know, I can help you establish one that will.

I do hope that this issue will not consume too much anger and work on my site, but the touchpad, keyboard and mouse buttons you've put on the HP Compaq Mini 310c are of the saddest combination, and I've never had the misery to use such a malfunctioning pointing device.

Now I will have to wait 2 weeks without a laptop for the matter to be checked, so either it will get fixed or be replaced.

My bad for trying to work with it the couple first months and not going straight to the dealer, who said there was a good chance it would have been replaced.

O' Justice, where are thou ?