Saturday, November 18, 2006

Some stuff I don't want to forget for hubackup so I'll put them here:

  • Think about maybe integrating something into the installer, such that when a user is detected to have a CD/DVD drive and is interested in enabling hubackup desktop notification, the installer will offer him to create a special partition for storing the temporary archive and iso files before burning them.
  • Add checks while backup is being created, such then when space is reaching too low, either abort the process with proper error or halt the dar process until user makes some more free space and then allow him to resume it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HUBackup Main Development Branch In Launchpad

Today I've got into some storage problems in a server I'm using to host the current development branch for hubackup. Knowing the good work ddaa has put into improving launchpad's abilities in that respect, so quickly I set and in no time (using ddaa's instructions on his blog) I had my branch fully stored safely in here - now I know I'll never run out of space for commits!

If you want to play with the code and maybe even contribute your share to help us make Ubuntu a safer place for our data, you just need to install bzr, grab the code and start hacking. In other words:

$ sudo apt-get install bzr
$ mkdir hacking
$ cd hacking
$ bzr branch
$ cd hubackup--main

Today's surprise is a fresh new class to transparently create and handle backup meta data, also referred to as "backup config files". This config files will be used by the mime type recognition to run the restore program that will allow to either update a backup set, or restore it to the original location from which it was taken.

Link To Old Posts

To be able to read any of the previous posts, just visit this. Luckily I haven't posted too much before moving here, so there's not much of a backlog.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Moved To Blogger Beta

After reading some friends blogs hosted in , I decided eventually that I also want an account there. The interface is excellent and there are a couple of things you get for free like some nice design templates, tags, much better editing interface then advogato's and a sub domain. Feels much more encouraging and inviting to be expressive in here, so I think I'll stay.