Monday, January 07, 2008

Restoring File Using HUBackup

After receiving quite some emails about folks bewildered by the crashing hurestore I think it's only fair to create a post about how to restore files from archives created using hubackup using the underlying archiver , DAR.

Usually after a typical run of hubackup you will have two resulting files:


(Thanks goes to Peter P├Ąppinghaus for sending me an email about this)

To restore , which actually usually means extract in DAR's language you need to do something like:

dar -x .hubackup-data/paepp-master-archive -R TARGET_DIR

If there is more then one slice DAR knows how to switch between them properly.

That should be enough for most of operations, for more detailed explanation of what dar can do in restoration (or backup for that matter) DAR's manual pages are quite good.

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