Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HUBackup and rdiff-backup, or how I should have done it at the first place!

Okay, so exploring the rdiff-backup code base I now come across some ideas I do not want forgotten yet I don't feel like editing/creating a new spec (that will come later) but part of my plans for Hardy (again an LTS release) I want to start at the direction of making HUBackup the tool it was meant to be ;) so the first point I want to note:

* Use rdiff-backup as the backup/archiver tool instead of DAR; Although DAR is a truely amazing tool, it currently lacks good python bindings and the fact HUBackup uses it from a ptty is a bit of a pain to maintain and expand with features. This also stands in the way of a better restore process. Moreover, Using rdiff-backup, I now think of just letting it create its "meta data" (reverse diff) along side the already existing directories the user wants to backup, which will *greatly* reduce space overhead when backing up (essentially just burning the folders to the optical media together with the special information for restoring the permissions and other file attributes). Now, given that I need to explore how to slice up backup data to fit in more then one optical medium.

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