Monday, December 04, 2006

Surely not a way to do performance testing, #2

Thanks to all the kind folks for commenting on my previous post . After a couple of people who managed to mildly experience some performance losses over my mentioned "experiment" one guy with another IBM/Lenovo PATA-to-SATA bridge based system managed to reproduce the issue. Is this a hardware related one? I'd like to kindly ask owners of such machines to make sure their Lenovo/IBM laptop model has the bridge and attempt my "experiment". If this is not Linux's fault then surely for people with warranty there should be a remedy. Now where is find for windows so I can "experiment" the same there...;)


Charlie said...

do you have any NTFS filesystems mounted? if so, unmount them and try then.

sivang said...

I only have one 32MB usbdisk fat partition mounted, does that count?

Mikael said...

Im running 6 find / as i type this on a IBM Thinkpad X41 that has a pata-to-sata bridge, no slowdowns.